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There is no such thing as a boring film project.
There are only boring executions!


We offer the following services when it comes to film and video production:

  1. production of international films in English, French and Arabic for the web, broadcast, charities, NGOs, businesses and the corporate sector;
  2. international production consulting and workflow solutions;
  3. production planning and development;
  4. multilingual online delivery and distribution solutions;

We have also helped numerous international and overseas client who came to Europe with:

  1. multilingual research, co-ordination and production management;
  2. multilingual film crews;
  3. filming insurance, permits and location scouting across Europe;
  4. transport, travel and accommodation across Europe;
  5. stock shots, and archive footage;
  6. post-production, including editing and colour grading of multilingual films;
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